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7 Pot Jonah Pepper Seeds

7 Pot Jonah Pepper Seeds

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7 Pot Jonah Pepper Seeds  (GL00009-S)

Capsicum: Chinense
Heat 1,200,000 SHU
Ancestry: 7 Pot, Scorpion(?)

Included: 10 seeds

Because of its extreme heat, the 7 Pot Jonah pepper is thought to be connected to the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. The 7 Pot variants get their name from the fact that one pod can season stew for seven different pots. Compared to the standard 7 Pot, Jonah packs greater heat and fruity flavor. The pods have a dimply textured surface while they are young and turn bright red as they grow. They occasionally develop a scorpion tail and can grow to be about the size of a racquetball (about 2 inches).

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